Honeycomb paper can be processed by hand or by machine so they can be supplied in single non extended pieces (closed form) or in endless carpets, that is in pieces glued together to form a continuous sheet.

The width of the honeycomb is reduced by about 20% after extension, according to the cell size and the degree of extension. This parameter is directly proportional to the size of the cell, to the degree of expansion and to the force applied to open it. If a ready-made/standard frame in chipboard, fir or MDF material is used according to the customer’s request, the honeycomb core to be applied must be of the same thickness of the same thickness as the frame, plus  another 0,2 – 0,3 mm. This extra thickness is regularly requested by customers to allow a partial compression of the material and subsequent under the press, for gluing the coverings (the surface layers).

Cartoflex honeycomb has been designed for the production of double or single pressed panels, that is, for panels which, one pressed and smoothed must return to the press for the application of veneer