Cartoflex honeycomb cardboard is a light and versatile material, guaranteeing to the final product a smooth, uniform finish and great resistance to compression. This fundamental characteristic is due to its perfect hexagonal shape which makes it especially strong and compact compared to other filling materials, whether solid or not.

It is safe to say that no other structural filling with regard to weight/performance ratio guarantees such high rigidity and resistance to pressure.

Innovative gluing equipment together with an advanced quality control system allow us to obtain a regular, homogeneous core resulting in less waste and great output.

Moreover, the use of our honeycomb core in all its application ensures extremely reliable results for the end-user, improving production quality and capacity. This is due to essentially to its low cost and its easy use without risk of breakages or interruptions during the making of board panels. Above all, its special characteristics guarantee an end product without imperfections or faults.

You can be sure of the high quality standard for the honeycomb products and of Cartoflex service. As principle, it is our goal to give our dealers and users the maximum benefit and support. For this reason, we have at our disposal a fully equipped research and develop department with laboratory and modern test facilities, the CATAS® for develop new product based on customer demands and requirements (www.catas.it).