Honeycomb panel

The honeycomb panel is completely ecological, composed of an internal honeycomb paper structure, covered by paper of different qualities and grams, depending on the final use. It’s produced with a continuous panel working method until a maximum width of 1200 mm, thickness from 10 mm to 100 mm.

The internal honeycomb paper structure can have cell size from 10 mm to 40mm, using papers from 120 g/m² to 270 g/m² in order to obtain resistance to compression until 3,5 Kg/cm². The external sheets of paper can be Kraft, Testliner or other types from 140 g/m² to 700 g/m², also treated for humidity resistance.

Thanks to its properties the honeycomb panel can be easily cut, milled and bent.

Its main use is in packaging area: sheets of glass, electronics parts or devices, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, protection of head rolls, pallets production completely in paper. The honeycomb panel is also used in cosmetics, logistics, in advertising posters and for promotional exhibiting because suitable to digital printing.