Honeycomb paper core

Cartoflex honeycomb core is a hexagonal structured cardboard, manufactured from a special mixture of hydro-repellent paper. It is mainly used as buffer or core material for sandwich structures especially in the manufacturing of panels for the furniture industries and interior doors in the building sector. Applications include interior fittings, advertising displays, trade fair stands, automotive parts and packaging materials.

This light but strong core owes its strength and compactness to the perfect hexagonal shape of its cells which make it extremely resistant to compression in its innumerable applications. With a design inspired by real honeycomb and thanks to a state of the art production system, our product is unequalled compared to other types of core materials or other paper products used for similar purposes. Our cardboard is, moreover, unrivalled both for its quality and its competitive price. Cartoflex has been producing honeycomb core and selling it successfully in markets all over the world for more than 40 years. During this time, we have reached a high level of specialization, placing us among the most qualified industries in the world in this sector, thanks to the remarkable construction features and the superior quality of the materials employed. We are particularly well-know in Italy and Europe, where the quality and the versatility of this product are very much appreciated.

All along Cartoflex and its staff have continuously carried out research to obtain of ever higher quality and competitiveness, by using new technologies and by gradually enlarging the factory. In this way, greater flexibility, production capacity and cost reduction are guaranteed.