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Enter the new era of "light structures"

strutture leggere

Cartoflex Honeycomb Paper Industries welcomes you to its website and invites you to discover the numerous applications of its innovative product at the cutting edge of the furniture sector: the “honeycomb cardboard”.

Originally inspired by real honeycomb, is an ecological product, both in shape and composition. Combined with many other materials, its main use is as a structural “filling” in the making of light structures, such as board panels for the manufacture of furniture, doors, interior doors, interior fittings, advertising displays, trade fair stands, automotive parts and packaging material.

During the past few years, the use of this paper-based filling “system” has spread rapidly. This is due not only to the general need to reduce wood consumption, but, above all, to the demand for a versatile support which is extremely light, cheap, with a high performance/weight ratio and able to substitute materials which are more solid but not necessarily more reliable.

“A solid heart” that ensures greater cost efficiency with regards to logistics support, and guarantees artistic freedom in the design of products using large sizes and thickness. This is Cartoflex “honeycomb”, a concept of the highest quality which will be the driving force behind a new era of freedom and versatility of design in the production of furniture.